[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Marcus Gillette gate at zipcon.net
Fri Oct 8 09:34:21 EDT 1999

> I don't think so...  My FIC MD-11 was only 175 or so...  I got my proc for
> 252.04 or so.  that's around 425 for proc and mb....  Figgure a case at
> and a floppy at 50, and that's still only $550 for a complete stand alone
> box!  Add another 50 for a nic, and you have a nice fast, high powered
> workstation for 600.  For 699, I can even add a hard drive and a mouse!

Who has ever paid more than $20 for a floppy?  Anyway, you'll need some RAM
too... which if you hadn't noticed, isn't cheep these days.  Prices have
more than trippled.  128MB is upwords of $300... when it was just $79 two
months ago.  You should probably add a display adaptor.  And if you're gonna
go all out on an Athlon system, you gotta be in to games or something... so
add an SB Live... and a 3DFX card.  I guess it's all a matter of what you do
with your system.. but I'd have a hard time justifying buying a nice
processor and MB w/o going all the way.  It's like a BMW frame with a Ford
Pinto Body.


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