[HARDWARE] Processor slow down....

Joseph Kaye jkaye at isd.net
Fri Oct 8 12:10:17 EDT 1999

Charley McGee wrote:
> You problem, most likely, lies more with the soundcard than the modem.  If
> it is a USR (or similar) modem, I wouldn't worry TOO much about it.  It is
> still eating some cpu time with drivers and TSRs, but nothing huge.
> However, the Ensoniq card has a really bad driver problem.  Pardon my
> language, but they suck.  Yes, they are even worse than the ESS line,
> although its debateable where the ESS Solo-1 is concerned.  I work for a
> division of IBM that produces educational software for children.  In our
> testing lab, we have several identical machines where the only differences
> are in modem and soundcard.  Using Win98 and checking available system
> resources, we find that the machine equipped with the Ensoniq 56PCI is at
> LEAST 13% lower in system resources than the others at any given time in any
> given environment.  If that doesnt indicate a shitty driver, I don't know
> what does.

Ah HA!  Thanks for the info - back off to Worst Buy to exchange that
POS.  Now, what would you recommend for a soundcard?

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