[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Scott Lockwood scottlockwood at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 8 14:11:31 EDT 1999

My floppy is an LS-120, which I get at just over cost.  :-)  I work in a
computer store...
I have RAM I'm not using (Anyone want to buy a PC-100 32 Mb module?  <joke>)
Yes, ram is needed, but - I wouldn't put 128 megs in a machine that was just
going to crack keys.  AMD wants you to put 128 in Athlon systems, my
experience so far in a system with 64 megs of ram is very positive.  I'm
getting great results.  I spent around 1500 or so all told on the system I
built, but that wasn't the point:  One COULD just do a Proc, Mobo, Memory,
Case, and Nic - if you just wanted to setup a diskless terminal to crack
keys.  The Intel 100+/Management adapter doesn't need a separate boot rom,
and I have a network at home....  Just add floppy and subtract the nic to do
a "sneakernet" solution.  I'm getting a FABULOUS keyrate!  :-)

|Who has ever paid more than $20 for a floppy?  Anyway, you'll need some RAM
|too... which if you hadn't noticed, isn't cheep these days.  Prices have
|more than trippled.  128MB is upwords of $300... when it was just $79 two
|months ago.  You should probably add a display adaptor.  And if you're
|go all out on an Athlon system, you gotta be in to games or something... so
|add an SB Live... and a 3DFX card.  I guess it's all a matter of what you
|with your system.. but I'd have a hard time justifying buying a nice
|processor and MB w/o going all the way.  It's like a BMW frame with a Ford
|Pinto Body.


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