[HARDWARE] Processor slow down....

William Scott Lockwood III scottlockwood at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 9 07:41:12 EDT 1999

Right, thank you!  Knowing this full well, I went for the e-mail from 3com,
which I will post here as soon as it comes in..  Unless something has changed,
you and I are correct on this I think.  When 3Com gets back to me, I'll post
thier response here so everyone can hear it straight from the horses mouth.


| I used to work at Office Depot, and curiosity struck me one day. We had
| #5698, which specified NOTHING about being a software modem. I called 3Com,
| and they told me otherwise. I inquired further...3Com told me that they
| produce NO hardware-based PCI modems.
| However, I've got an excellent one from KDS/Amquest. The drivers are off and
| on...though. And one note of caution, if you're running NT. The modem wants
| IRQ 9 first and foremost. Unless you've got the means to force it onto
| something else, try to clear 9 for the modem. I had a 3Com Etherlink III PCI
| in there, and NT wouldn't touch the modem since the 3Com had the IRQ first.
| Oh...and the modem's docs don't say this, but the REAL website for the modem
| is http://www.kdscanada.ca/. It's got a Rockwell PCI Serial Controller
| processor. Works fine in 98...but I never could get it to work in NT...I've
| since given up and put my old Sportster ISA in the NT machine and the
| Amquest back in the Win98 box.

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