[HARDWARE] Solaris on SPARC keyrate

Jadin M. Hanson jhanson at cpinternet.com
Fri Oct 15 11:57:44 EDT 1999

> Has anyone else noticed that the benchmark keyrate (./rc5des -benchmark)
> way, way higher than the actual keyrate?

I find the opposite. when i benchmark i get 685kk/s on a k6-2 450, when i
let it run i get around 740kk/s.

> Is this a cross-platform thing? Is this expected behavior?
> For example, a single 267MHz Ultra IIi benchmarks at over 4 million keys/s
> (!!) but runs at only 300-400 KKeys/s!
> (or so my cohort tells me!)

have you tried the long benchmark? is it any different? it sounds like
you're doing a DES Benchmark.


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