[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Mahmut Kursun mahmut.kursun at uumail.de
Sun Oct 17 02:29:45 EDT 1999

> The motherboard is item# 178016332  It 's currently bidding for $49.00
> The PPro/200s w/512k cache are selling for $25-$125.... (check the "dutch" auctions)

I would not suggest them.

a. the PPro200 w 256k Cache is better overclockable, all PPro200
   that I possessed so far did 233 MHz stable&reliable. The 512k
   CPU is not that stable&reliable at 233 MHz, I only possessed
   one 512k PPro so far but this one was not 100% reliable.

b. the reason is the bigger cache. The cache has very high
   power concumption and produce lots of heat. As long as I know
   the PPro200 with 256k cache do need about 25 Watt for the CPU and
   almost the same for the Cache. I assume that the 512 CPU
   do need double the power for the cache.

c. PPro with 512 k cache are more rare, and expensive, I don´t know
   if they do score higher keytrates than the 256 k CPU (which is
   about 630-690 kkeys/s depending on the OS and setup). I can
   check this out and report it later.

d. I´ve also seen the ALR Quad PPro Boards on Ebay a couple of
   months ago, but as long as I see they do not have a standard
   size, so you can´t use your AT/ATX case/fan. And I´ve read
   the Manual on the ALR Pages, they are a couple of odd
   connectors (or Terminators) needed which are not included.
   It could be the same with these 6-PPro Boards.

e. Power consumption is the problem here, 6-PPro CPus+Board
   should need more than a regular PC-Power-supply.

f. one more problem, such a machine get kind of noisy with
   all the fans and should have much higher power
   consumption and produce more heat than the Abit DualCeleron
   with the 128k cache.

I think the Abit solution is unbeatable at the moment and
the 6*PPro 233 Mhz should give about 3-4 Mkeys/s with Linux
and this is just a little bit more than the Dual Celeron
366 at 550 which does about 3.1 Mkeys/s with Linux (I heard).

One more odd thing is - for people that are interested -
http://www.onsale.com/, they have also auctions running,
sometimes they do have old IBM Quad PPro Servers or
Compaq Quad Ppro Servers for about 1000 US$ with
case/power Supply. This is like Supercomputing compared
with the production date of these machines but still
can´t beat the RC5 power of than DualCeleron solution
I guess.
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