[HARDWARE] Anyone Know Prices?

Eno Jon enojon at delphi.com
Wed Oct 20 21:05:11 EDT 1999

rc5des -config  if you're running CLI.

The processor setup will then show you:
  -1) Autodetect
   0) Pentium, Am486, Cx486/5x86/MediaGX
   1) 80386 & 80486
   2) Pentium Pro & Pentium II
   3) Cyrix 6x86/6x86MX/M2
   4) AMD K5
   5) AMD K6
Default Setting: -1
Current Setting: -1
New Setting --> -1

For "New Setting" type "3".

I have a quick question that is part hardware and part
software.  Knowing that the module rc5des.exe is ~512kb,
will my keyrate increase if I drop a k6-2 or 3 into an mb
with 2mb of l2 cache?  And, do these chips have separate
data and code caches?

Also, since a single block is approximately 2**28 in size,
or 256mb, will having 1GB of RAM assist me or is the
algorithm generating these keys based on a starting
val and ending value range?

Mahmut Kursun wrote:

> > Where can the Cyrix optimization be found and what exactly does it do... are
> > there any side effects?
> no, as long as I heard, it is just an advantage.
> If you run the GUI client, you´ll find it under
> file/configuration/cpu settings
> if you run the non-gui client, type "rc5des -help",
> or move your *.ini file into another directory, so
> you´ll see the setup menu.
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