[HARDWARE] SMP boxes, Win2k, and a cow

Phil Chambers pj.technology at virgin.net
Mon Sep 6 11:07:18 EDT 1999

Dear all...

I've got a strange one for you. I've got a dual PII-333 system which has an aversion, shall we say, to running the client on more than one of it's CPU's under win2k pro rc1. I would have thought this was a win2k prob (unsurprisingly), except for the fact that: a) it runs on two cpu's ok if I boot into NT4 on the same box, and b) I have another SMP (dual Celeron 366) box in the other room, with the same build of win2k, that runs the same client version which is fine! 

Running the latest GUI or CLI client doesn't help - the client knows there are 2 CPU's, and what type, but the 2nd thread, although it's started, never seems to make any progress on it's block, it justs sticks on whatever % complete it started on. Hence the keyrate for the machine equates to just having 1 CPU.

Can anyone shed any light on this? You'd make my nights a lot less sleepless ;op


Phil, in the North, of the United Kingdom
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