Fwd: [HARDWARE] SMP boxes, Win2k, and a cow

Travis Boucher lucifar at telusplanet.net
Wed Sep 8 11:24:16 EDT 1999

Well Phil, 
	I don't mean to sound rude, but it is kinda dumb to be running a
pre-release or even a early-release of ANYTHING that miscrosoft writes.
(Personally I think it is kinda dumb running anything from microsoft, but that
is my opinion.)

	Either install NT4 or scrap the microcrap all together and install

Travis Boucher,
LinTech Computer Sales & Service

 >Dear all...
>I've got a strange one for you. I've got a dual PII-333 system which has an
>aversion, shall we say, to running the client on more than one of it's CPU's
>under win2k pro rc1. I would have thought this was a win2k prob
>(unsurprisingly), except for the fact that: a) it runs on two cpu's ok if I
>boot into NT4 on the same box, and b) I have another SMP (dual Celeron 366) box
>in the other room, with the same build of win2k, that runs the same client
>version which is fine! 
>Running the latest GUI or CLI client doesn't help - the client knows there
>are 2 CPU's, and what type, but the 2nd thread, although it's started, never
>seems to make any progress on it's block, it justs sticks on whatever %
>complete it started on. Hence the keyrate for the machine equates to just
>having 1 CPU.
>Can anyone shed any light on this? You'd make my nights a lot less sleepless
>Phil, in the North, of the United Kingdom

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