[HARDWARE] Rc5 and an ALR board

Dennis Jensen dkj at hs.dk
Thu Sep 9 18:52:38 EDT 1999

>I am also running it on a MetaFrame server with 4 PPro 200's - not a
>very good keyrate (560.5 kkeys/sec).  My Celeron 333 oc'd to 515mhz
>belts out about 1420 kkeys/sec
>I was wondering, does the keyrate graph show that as 560.5 per processor
>for a cumulative 2242 keys/sec, or is 560.5 a total of the 4 processors?

Yep. The graph is on a "per processor" basis. If you look at the messages
you can see that the different processors have sligthly different keyrates.

... Dennis

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