[HARDWARE] Rc5 and an ALR board

David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Mon Sep 13 19:58:49 EDT 1999

On 14-Sep-1999, Travis Boucher wrote:
> I still think if you are running a SQL server, or anything else for
> that matter that you should use Linux which has had support for TRUE
> TCP/IP and SMP since some of the earliest kernals.
> I think that anyone sitting on the edge of thier seat waiting for a
> Microcrap OS needs help.  Every other OS that Microcrap has ever put
> out was a disapointment.

Travis -- please keep this useless religious prattle off of the
distributed.net hardware list.  So far we've been able to avoid moving
the low-volume lists such as this one to moderated format, as we've had
to do with the main rc5 mailing list.  Don't force us to move to

I'd also recommend you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the
very useful "Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO".  Adopting the canons of conduct
detailed therein will allow you to avoid embarassing Linux users
worldwide in the future.  Who knows, if you begin to appear rational,
people may even start listening to what you have to say.

I think we can all agree, your present attitude and maturity of
discussion is simply noise, and doing far more harm than good to your
cause of Linux advocacy.


In reference to your specifc points, NT is an appropriate platform for a
SQL server, especially in comparison to Linux which is only just now
beginning to see full-featured SQL server software.  It's certainly
not a mature platform for serious SQL applications. 

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