[HARDWARE] Rc5 and an ALR board

stoney at sequent.com stoney at sequent.com
Tue Sep 14 13:28:16 EDT 1999

I wasn't able to fine the multiprocessor paper at anatech.com, but
IBM has a simple but good paper contrasting multiprocessor and
uniprocessor systems.


Good Reading list

  Pfister, Gregory, "In Search of Clusters: The ongoing battle in lowly
                     parallel computing" 2nd Ed, Prentice Hall 1998
     (Great intro to many of those gaps in our knowledge.  Enables you to
      then read texts and understand them :)

  Beck et Al, "Linux Kernel Internals" 2nd Ed, Addison Wesley 1998
              Chapter 10 Multi Processing

  Stalling, William, "Operating Systems Internals and Design Prinicipals"
                      3rd Ed, Prentice Hall 1998

  Nichols, Bradford et Al, "Pthreads Programming", O'Reilly 1996

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 ENOJON at delphi.com wrote:

> <<                                                                           
> Linux SMP kernels before 2.0 used a master slave lock and approached       
> the performance of a uniprocessor when too many IO requests (MMIO)         
> were made.  Only recently has Linux had course grained locking.            
> A single application needs to be threaded (user threads) before you can    
> take advantage of multiple processors; otherwise you only gain the ability 
> to concurrently do other OS/utility tasks.  If your application is split   
> into different processes then you don't need to be threaded.   >>
> Agreed.   Multiple processing is only useful for threaded apps or
> parallel computing apps where collision of memory, i/o & cache
> access can be limited.  I think anatech.com has a paper on the
> concepts of SMP and fallacies of assuming 2 400mhz PIII's=800mhzPIII.
> Interesting read.
> But, the Rc5 has good threading--as far as I can tell from my OS/2
> client running 4 threads in a single session on a uniprocessor.
> The win95 client also does multi-threading (as well as it can for
> w95/98).
> Taking the multiprocessor concept a tweak further--a PowerMac PPC(120mhz)
> with PC-compatibility card sharing a "folder" of buff-in is humming along
> at about 2 (1*2^28) blocks per hour--slow, but.. should give someone
> an idea.
> The PC side is running w95; mac os on the other side. [yes, i know, i
> know, i should be running linux, but linux doesn't have pc-card support?]
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