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Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Wed Sep 15 15:07:22 EDT 1999

> HImm.....i was thinking of a Card that would help with distributed.net. 
> This hardware looks great for Encrypton....however it doesn't look that
> great for cracking Rc5.....If i'm wrong please just tell me
> otherwise....But a 386 at 25mgz isn't going to crack that many
> keys....or is there a another card that i am compleatly missing? i guess
> i wasn't clear in whati was asking for.......

I think you would have to build it yourself - a card with a CPU (Intel
i960, StrongARM etc. would seem like nice choices - anything RISC), a bit
of memory, a boot ROM and som I/O circuitry - with a StrongARM 200 MHz,
the parts would probably cost around $150-200 when buying a single set.


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