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>From http://www.replay.com/cracking_des/crack-1-4.html

>The whole project was budgeted at about US$210,000. Of this, $80,000 is for
the labor of designing, integrating, and testing >the DES Cracker. The other
$130,000 is for materials, including chips, boards, all other components on
the boards, card >cages, power supplies, cooling, and a PC.
>The software for controlling the DES Cracker was written separately, as a
volunteer project. It took two or three weeks of >work.
>The entire project was completed within about eighteen months. Much of that
time was used for preliminary research, before >deciding to use a custom
chip rather than FPGA's. The contract to build custom chips was signed in
September, 1997, about >eight months into the project. The team contained
less than ten people, none of whom worked full-time on the project. They
>include a project manager, software designer, programmer, chip designer,
board designer, hardware technicians, and hardware >managers.

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> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Jesper Monsted wrote:
> > > Didn't or doesn't the EFF have some sort of custom chip that they used
> > > for cracking?  I thought I read about it somewhere, and it looked like
> >
> > Yes, they built them themselves and had dem manufactured especially for
> > the project.
> 	Which means they cost plenty.  I think the machine (Deep Crack)
> cosst $200K to build.  I'm guessing that probably 75% of that is spent on
> chip design and fabrication.
> 	Chips only get cheap when you make thousands of them.
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