[HARDWARE] Just Courious......

William J [on the road] Halverson william at netpros.net
Thu Sep 16 08:30:49 EDT 1999

I forwared this on to a guy in Campbell CA who does this for a living ... he certainly
could do the
entire design/program job himself ... he'd probably want someidea how many of these
things people
would want in an initial run.

Besides the DES etc projects ... what about the new SETI program?  Would this approach
[dedicated FPGA]
be interesting to folks involved with SETI?

Robert Norton wrote:

> Martin Harvey wrote:
> > Jesper Monsted wrote:
> > >
> > > I think you'd get a lot more performance/price with a special RISC chip or
> > > with a small celeron. Anything 32-bit would do, though (i tried coding it
> > > for an Atmel 8-bit microcontroller, but it was dreadfully slow).
> >
> > What about using an FPGA? Perhaps some sort of Xilinx thingy? They're
> > fairly cheap :-)
> I think one of the larger Altera or Xilinx devices should hold the algorithm just
> fine, along with a "next code" generator and a detect flag comparitor, so you'd
> just put in a block seed code, and finally get a go/no-go for the block out. I
> think you could build it onto a small plastic USB box, it can get its power from
> the cable.  The USB interface chips are only a buck, it would be much cheaper than
> a PCI card with the PCI interface chips.  No NRE costs for FPGA's, if somebody
> invested the time (considerable) making the circuit, you could replicate the
> boards for under $100 even in small quantity, I think.  I thought about doing it,
> but I'm not familiar with schematic capture for FPGA's, and I don't have any
> tools.

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