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Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Thu Sep 16 17:46:00 EDT 1999

Keep in mind that dedicated sillicon couldn't be re-programmed for another
contest. I imagine a lot of people wouldn't want to buy custom hardware that
was only usefull for rc5-64.

Not to throw a damper on things, but there's also the matter of creating the
interface between the custom hardware and our network. I highly doubt that we'll
be releasing our network code anytime soon, so we'd have to figure out who
would be creating the 'front-end' for this hardware.


On Thu, Sep 16, 1999 at 02:32:04PM -0700, Marcus Gillette wrote:
> This sounds like it could be too complicated for efficient performance out
> of an FPGA.
> i read the article on   http://www.replay.com/cracking_des/crack-1-4.html .
> The EFF decided against FPGAs, and had a contract signed for custom chips to
> be manufactured.  They only built about 1500 chips for DES.... and their
> cost for hardware including all the cases and mainboards was around
> $120,000.  If only 10% of the contributors to distributed.net were
> interested, there would be significantly more demand than 1500 chips.  I'd
> think this might be the most long-term cost-effective price/performance
> solution.
> my two cents.
> Marcus

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