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Thu Sep 16 23:04:45 EDT 1999

Jesper Monsted wrote:

> > I forwared this on to a guy in Campbell CA who does this for a living ... he certainly
> > could do the
> > entire design/program job himself ... he'd probably want someidea how many of these
> > things people
> > would want in an initial run.
> Depending on the price, i'd probably buy some.
> > Besides the DES etc projects ... what about the new SETI program?  Would this approach
> > [dedicated FPGA]
> > be interesting to folks involved with SETI?
> I think it'd be hard to implement in hardware as it is a very complicated
> process and requires massive amounts of cpu power.
> /Jesper
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>From what I've heard, SETI at Home is more sensitive to RAM and data throughput due to the
nature of the data (ie it's not really "generated" on the machine it's running on, but
rather downloaded.).  Still, I agree, it would be nice...
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