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William J [on the road] Halverson william at netpros.net
Fri Sep 17 11:30:25 EDT 1999

Well OK guys here's the deal.

We want to get a feel for how many of these things we can sell at $300
each.  Kent says:

1 - It will take ~$150k to get them
2 - We should aim at using the 100mhz 1mm gate array now shipping from
Xilinx.  Knowing Kent,
the design will definitely be upgradable to the new 2mm device....

If I do the number rights, break even is about 750 units.  

So ... 

A. Does the group think we can get reasonble commitments for 750 units?
B. Can someone do an estimate of the kk/sec break-rate rating of such a


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>Good grief Kent join this mailing list!!!  Remember?  "Cheap as bortsch"?

While this is interesting stuff, I don't see much of a market. Keep in
mind the
cost of developing something, i.e. creating a real "product", like this 
will be on the order of $100K.

Now if some clever Harvard MBA came up with a viable business plan, and
able to secure some seed funding, I would certainly take a look at it.
the mean time I'm trying to stay focused on the Praeses business plan.

Oh, and Xilinx is shipping FPGAs right now that are approx. 1 million
density, and have system level performance in the 100 MHz range. Both
Xilinx and Altera
will be at 2 million gates by mid next year.

>On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Dan Oetting wrote:
> > Assuming you could get a FPGA with 250k+ gates we haven't begun to discuss
>Well, the Xilinx XCV[300,400,600,800,1000] all have over 300k gates,
>the question is how much do these FPGAs cost...
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