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Dan Oetting oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov
Fri Sep 17 10:51:34 EDT 1999

At 10:30 -0400 9/17/1999, William J [on the road] Halverson wrote:
>Well OK guys here's the deal.
>We want to get a feel for how many of these things we can sell at $300
>each.  Kent says:
>1 - It will take ~$150k to get them

For $300 a pop I would think you could throw a couple of 603ev's on a
board, wire up the clock and Jtag lines and go to town cracking

Dan Oetting <dan_oetting at comug.com>

PowerPC 603/604/750 -- Still the fastest RC5 core on the net
(but not for long...)

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