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Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Fri Sep 17 18:52:24 EDT 1999

> I'd be willing to spend up to $50 per each Megakey/sec the device
> processes.
> Some features that I think should be important:
> - reprogrammable
> - external box
> - serial or usb connection
> - some way of easily adding more performance ( daisychain the boxes )
>   without having to buy expensive usb hubs or multiport boards.
> - perhaps it should have the ability to run for a while whitout
>   connecting to a computer ( ie. hand the unit a large 2^33 block
>   and let it run, with a led to indicate it's working or waiting for
>   a new block )

Just for the hell of it, stick on a couple of 7-segment displays and let
the box show you how many blocks it's done?

*cheers for box 5 in the blockrace*


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