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Chi K. Chan ckchan at interport.net
Fri Sep 17 13:52:23 EDT 1999

It might be a hard sell at $300, unless it can really crunch through those keys
and it is re-programmable to do other tasks.  I say this because you can build
a dual celeron box with minimum ram and slap on a ethernet card, for $300 or less.
And you get 2+MKeys/sec.

I don't know much about FPGAs, are they programmable like CPUs, or are they
only one time programmable?

How about a board that can hold a number PowerPC based microcontrollers?
PowerPC chips are known to give good key rates per sec, and the embedded
version of the chip might have enough on chip RAM and I/O to cut down on
chip count and cost.

About a year ago, someone mentioned using a DSP chip to process keys,
I think it was using a SHARC chip from Analog devices.  Any news on that ?

Chi K. Chan

> Well OK guys here's the deal.
> We want to get a feel for how many of these things we can sell at $300
> each.  Kent says:
> 1 - It will take ~$150k to get them
> designed/tested/fabbed/boxed/shipped.
> 2 - We should aim at using the 100mhz 1mm gate array now shipping from
> Xilinx.  Knowing Kent,
> the design will definitely be upgradable to the new 2mm device....
> If I do the number rights, break even is about 750 units.  
> So ... 
> A. Does the group think we can get reasonble commitments for 750 units?
> B. Can someone do an estimate of the kk/sec break-rate rating of such a
> beast-board?
> Bill
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> >Good grief Kent join this mailing list!!!  Remember?  "Cheap as bortsch"?
> >
> >Bill
> While this is interesting stuff, I don't see much of a market. Keep in
> mind the
> cost of developing something, i.e. creating a real "product", like this 
> will be on the order of $100K.
> Now if some clever Harvard MBA came up with a viable business plan, and
> was
> able to secure some seed funding, I would certainly take a look at it.
> In 
> the mean time I'm trying to stay focused on the Praeses business plan.
> Oh, and Xilinx is shipping FPGAs right now that are approx. 1 million
> gate 
> density, and have system level performance in the 100 MHz range. Both
> Xilinx and Altera
> will be at 2 million gates by mid next year.
> >On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Dan Oetting wrote:
> >
> > > Assuming you could get a FPGA with 250k+ gates we haven't begun to discuss
> >
> >Well, the Xilinx XCV[300,400,600,800,1000] all have over 300k gates,
> >the question is how much do these FPGAs cost...
> >
> >Brian
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