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Dan Oetting oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov
Fri Sep 17 15:18:33 EDT 1999

At 20:06 +0300 9/17/1999, Stelios Koroneos wrote:
>When Jasper Monstead said he implemented the RC5 on the AVR i asked him
>for more
>info and told me that his code was doing approx 10kkeys. Assuming that he was
>using a 12 mhz AVR, this on 64 card would translate to 640kkeys.

I just took a quick look at the SCENIX programming manual and feel that
your speed estimate may be exaggerated by a factor of 4. Perhaps the AVR
has something the SCENIX lacks or the 8 bit programmers have some tricks I
haven't learned yet.

>Cost of the card (hardware only)
>64 pcs  90s2343 x 1,5$                           =  96
>64 pcs 12 Mhz resonators x 0,5$             =  32
>1 pc    90s8515 x  5$                               =    5
>1 prototype board designed inhouse   30$ =  30
>                              Total                              163$

Compare this to the cost of cracking engines in the current d.net strategy:
    Server idling overnight (additional cost $0)
    Workstation waiting for user to reads and composes e-mail (additional
cost $0)
    Lab machine waiting for next project (additional cost $0)

We can also look at the expected return:
    Current cracking rate of d.net = 90,360,725 KKeys/sec!
    Chance of finding the key with hardware running 640 KKeys/sec = 1 in
    Expected return on investment ($10,000/141188) = $0.07

I don't want to squelch the discussing of dedicated cracking hardware but
you should consider: The odds that RC5-64 will be cracked before your
cracking engine is delivered by overnight express are 70 times greater than
the odds of your engine finding the key.

You really need to consider what the hardware will do after RC5-64

--Dan O.

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