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Chris Pollard chris at cdp181.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 23:41:46 EDT 1999

$300 sounds like a lot of money for something with such a limited use.
Although I'm very much into this project I'd rather spend the money on
something I could use for something else too (Like towards a PC)

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>From: William J [on the road] Halverson <william at netpros.net>
>> A. Does the group think we can get reasonble commitments for 750 units?
>It depends on marketing.  If the distributed.net website would consider
>adding a page/description about this device [what is it to be called anyway?
>don't we have to think of something clever and witty?],  I'd imagine we
>could get far more than 750 units.  Anyone who is seriously into this
>project would probably consider purchasing one.  And it is probably likely
>that some would consider purchasing more than one.  The key here is pass
>this beyond the hardware mailing list and see what kind of interest there
>really would be.
>If you can get twice the break even point, price per unit should be cut in
>half.  Price is everything here... I wouldn't consider spending $300 for the
>unit, regardless of the keyrate.  I have a feeling I'm not the only cheap
>bastard out there.
>> B. Can someone do an estimate of the kk/sec break-rate rating of such a
>> beast-board?
>I think this is the next step.  One of you wiz's should definately try and
>work out an estimate here.  It's the only way we'll know if it's even worth
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