[HARDWARE] hardware idea

Nuno Alves ct1dqg.alves at mail.telepac.pt
Sat Sep 18 00:21:48 EDT 1999

hello people.
i don't know much about fpga, but check this page
this guy has developed a radio modem (it is just like a telephone modem, but
instead of pluging it
to a phone it uses a tranceiver for data transmisson) with an xc5202 from
it can transfer data up to 9600bauds, i think we could use this as base for
a cracking engine.
I bought 1 board and 1 xc5202 for 23 euros, the rest you can get it in any
electronics shop and build it at home,
i'm a radio amateur and have some experience with electronic components and
soldering them, but there is
always the possibility of someone assembling several unit and shiping then
for the shiping price.
i'm not trying to do bussines here, just opening new doors.
Nuno Alves

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