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Can you PLEASE loose the digital signature?  My posts to the list a year or so
ago were CENSORED when I used a sig, and your messages are LOCKING UP MY MAIL

Thank you!

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| "Chi K. Chan" wrote:
| > I don't know much about FPGAs, are they programmable like CPUs, or are
| > only one time programmable?
| Both kinds are available.
| > How about a board that can hold a number PowerPC based microcontrollers?
| > PowerPC chips are known to give good key rates per sec, and the embedded
| > version of the chip might have enough on chip RAM and I/O to cut down on
| > chip count and cost.
| >
| > About a year ago, someone mentioned using a DSP chip to process keys,
| > I think it was using a SHARC chip from Analog devices.  Any news on that ?
| Both DSP's and Power PC's can only execute one instruction (or a few at
most) at a
| time.  An FPGA can implement all the steps of the algorithm with each clock
tick if
| the process is fully unrolled.  This can give you a massive speedup.

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