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Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Sat Sep 18 10:16:43 EDT 1999

> Now regarding to cost, cracking speeds etc...
> When Jasper Monstead said he implemented the RC5 on the AVR i asked him for more
> info and told me that his code was doing approx 10kkeys. Assuming that he was
> using a 12 mhz AVR, this on 64 card would translate to 640kkeys.
> Cost of the card (hardware only)
> 64 pcs  90s2343 x 1,5$                           =  96
> 64 pcs 12 Mhz resonators x 0,5$             =  32
> 1 pc    90s8515 x  5$                               =    5
> 1 prototype board designed inhouse   30$ =  30
>                               Total                              163$
> Development cost  0 (It was a interesting project to do :-)
> Well does it worth it ? You have to tell me that as i don't have a clue what a
> good key rate should be...
> One last note.
> If instead of the AVR we use the SCENIX mcu at 50Mhz (there is 100Mhz variant
> also) since this is also a RISC with most instructions single cycle, the
> price/performace ratio will be a bit better for the 50Mhz (50Mhz SCENIX approx 5$
> per pcs at 100 pcs order) and much much better at 100Mhz... Any takers ?
> Please understand that the above are ideas and hands on implementation of some of
> the ideas so a final workign system might require modifications...
> Ideas, congratulations :-) and critisism :-( are welcome

Well, congratulations on actually having a concept done (when the rest of
us are just blowing hot air :))

Unfortunately, the keyrate/price is not quite as good as it would be,
using regular PC parts, networked together :(

[all danish prices]
Abit BH6 main board	$110
Celeron 433 (->600?)	$110
Crappo network card	$20 		
Floppy drive		$20
Total:			$260

Roughly twice the price, but triple the performance at approx.
1.6mkeys, and could probably be improved greatly by using a BP6
mainboard and dual celerons...

Cool idea, i just think the crack engines need to be spiffed up a bit -
maybe your infrastructure and a FPGA or other crack engine?


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