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Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Sat Sep 18 10:24:26 EDT 1999

> > If you can get twice the break even point, price per unit should be cut in
> > half.  Price is everything here... I wouldn't consider spending $300 for the
> > unit, regardless of the keyrate.  I have a feeling I'm not the only cheap
> > bastard out there.
> I agree.  Make it USB, to keep the cost down, and it also boosts the market to
> include Mac. I think $100 is a good price point to shoot for, no frills, no
> reprogramability (unless easy and cheap to provide) just raw crunch, at least 10x
> a hot PC.  I think it is doable.

USB is great, yeah, but i'm not dedicating my only machine with USB to do
this - remember that the majority of users will run it off machines with
no USB. Serial and parallel interfaces would probably be best in this


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