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William J [on the road] Halverson william at netpros.net
Sat Sep 18 11:43:29 EDT 1999

Martin Harvey wrote:

> Marcus Gillette wrote:
> >
> >
> > If you can get twice the break even point, price per unit should be cut in
> > half.  Price is everything here... I wouldn't consider spending $300 for the
> > unit, regardless of the keyrate.  I have a feeling I'm not the only cheap
> > bastard out there.
> True. If d.net were to put something on the website, then perhaps an
> online "fill in the form" questionnaire with something like:
> "How much would you be prepared to pay for a box that does 1mk/s ?
> * $50
> * $100
> * $150
> * $200
> * $400
> * Price is not an issue"
> That way, we can get an idea of how deep the pockets of d.net are, and
> thus what sort of preak even quantities we're looking at.

Yes, I agree .... but from the point of manageability ... consider this:

At $300, we need to sell 750 to break even.

At $30, the breakeven point is 7,500.

Now I love the Internet and its ability to bring people together for a common
cause... but also consider this:

There is a minimum charge that shippers will ship at; handling an one item order
worth $30 costs as much as handling a one item order worth $300.

So the group may want to consider - is it easier to sell 750 @ $300, or 7,500 @
$30?  The answer may surprise you .... we are just talking about recovering  costs
here ... you can imagine the guy who puts in 4 man months of his time will have
more 'at risk' if we have to sell 7,500 than 750...

So suppose:  we want to make a go/no go decision on this in two months.  So we
have to find the designer [probably done], we have to get a bank account to escrow
the money [no I don't take personal checks or cash ;-) ], and we have to publicize
this and get the funds together to make it a reality.

People in on this should be serious and feel safe:  they should not be expected to
send somebody a check; nor should the developer be expected to put 4 months into
it on a 'wing and a prayer'.

Does the group think this is reasonable?

Any suggestions on a trusted entity/persons to supervise this thing?  [Hmmm...
would Tim LB get excited about this maybe?]

Bill Halverson

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