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William J [on the road] Halverson william at netpros.net
Sat Sep 18 11:46:16 EDT 1999

Robert Norton wrote:

> "William J [on the road] Halverson" wrote:
> > 1 - It will take ~$150k to get them
> > designed/tested/fabbed/boxed/shipped.
> Why the $150K?  If the design exists, and somebody that knows how to do schematic
> capture to a FPGA will help out, where's the big dollar driver?  I'd rather hope
> for selling 1000+ units at $100 ea.  I don't think many will buy the box at $300
> regardless of performance, it is too big to buy on a whim.

well ... I put in the $150k on the assumption it would have to be from scratch ...
please see
another post for an idea on how to proceed.  If the design is done, cool, less money
and less time to CRACKDOWN!



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