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Sat Sep 18 11:29:17 EDT 1999

Hector Herrera wrote:

> I'd be willing to spend up to $50 per each Megakey/sec the device
> processes.
> Some features that I think should be important:
> - reprogrammable
> - external box
> - serial or usb connection
> - some way of easily adding more performance ( daisychain the boxes )
>   without having to buy expensive usb hubs or multiport boards.
> - perhaps it should have the ability to run for a while whitout
>   connecting to a computer ( ie. hand the unit a large 2^33 block
>   and let it run, with a led to indicate it's working or waiting for
>   a new block )
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Interesting thoughts there, but I beleive the box would probably cost about
$100-$150 dollars.  (I'd still be willing to buy it though.)
Adding the ability to run off-line (ie. not connected to a computer) opens up a
rather large string of problems.  (Not to mention further increading the
price.)   Personally I'd save the offline capability for version 2....
As for the problems inherent in connecting it to distributed.net networks, some
custom C/C++ code could take care of that.  It is also possible that the code
could be included in a future version of the distributed client.  (Seeing as how
it already interconnects with the distributed.net network.)  An even better
solution would be custom C/C++ code that would use the same buffers as the
client, leaving the client responsible (however indirectly) for logging and

Just my 5c...
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