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Marcus Gillette wrote:

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> From: William J [on the road] Halverson <william at netpros.net>
> > A. Does the group think we can get reasonble commitments for 750 units?
> It depends on marketing.  If the distributed.net website would consider
> adding a page/description about this device [what is it to be called anyway?
> don't we have to think of something clever and witty?],  I'd imagine we
> could get far more than 750 units.  Anyone who is seriously into this
> project would probably consider purchasing one.  And it is probably likely
> that some would consider purchasing more than one.  The key here is pass
> this beyond the hardware mailing list and see what kind of interest there
> really would be.
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How about calling it "The Cracker Box"? ;)
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