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Jameel Akari jakari at fribble.cie.rpi.edu
Sat Sep 18 15:31:16 EDT 1999

	As much as I like FPGAs- and I think it'd be great if someone
would build this, there's something interesting I found on IBM
microelectronics page about an "open-source" design using PPC 740/750 cpus
and Linux:


	Of immediate interest is the POP board.  What's neat about this is
that they give you the design for the board.  Now if someone extended this
design to a multiprocessor board, that'd definitely be very cool.  Now if
IBM would just sell premade boards, that'd give me a spiffy new toy to
play with.

	Not to muddy the waters of the FPGA-based device, but it's
something worth looking at.  Plus, you can download a PDF of the board's
circuit diagram, which is just good reading material for us hardware

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