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Tomasz Korycki tkorycki at sprint.ca
Sat Sep 18 16:51:20 EDT 1999

At 15:30 99-09-18 +0200, you wrote:
>Jesper Monsted wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the keyrate/price is not quite as good as it would be,
>> using regular PC parts, networked together :(
>> [all danish prices]
>> Abit BH6 main board     $110
>> Celeron 433 (->600?)    $110
>> Crappo network card     $20
>> Floppy drive            $20
>> Total:                  $260
>> Roughly twice the price, but triple the performance at approx.
>> 1.6mkeys, and could probably be improved greatly by using a BP6
>> mainboard and dual celerons...
>You need a Hard drive, also. And an OS. (Yes, you can put Linux, FreeBSD,
etc it's

Heard of bootp/tftp?

>free), unless you develop a networked OS that stays on a floppy to boot.
And some RAM
>And the Internet Connection? Via a proxy on a real "full" PC? OK, but then
you need a
>hub to mount a network, and a NIC on the real PC. Hmm... Your price has
quite a bit
>swollen, no?

Hmmmm... You can use 10b2 (no hub), I wouldn't have a machine without a
network interface (all 11 have'em). Ergo: no additional cost. Except for a
net drop (5 bucks).

>Lionel Mamane
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