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Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Sun Sep 19 01:18:09 EDT 1999

> > > You need a Hard drive, also. And an OS. (Yes, you can put Linux, FreeBSD, etc it's
> > > free), unless you develop a networked OS that stays on a floppy to boot. And some RAM
> > > also.
> > > And the Internet Connection? Via a proxy on a real "full" PC? OK, but then you need a
> > > hub to mount a network, and a NIC on the real PC. Hmm... Your price has quite a bit
> > > swollen, no?
> >
> > OK, i forgot some BNC network cable and a few T-connectors, but those
> > won't cost anything notable...
> >
> > For the OS, linux (ofcourse :)), running off the floppy, mounting whatever
> > it needs from NFS from my linux server
> You have one. Many don't. The box should be as independant as possible from the OS
> installed on the main "real" computer.

Stuff a junk drive in box #1 and use that (i'm thinking 120megs or so -
should be possible to find one of those for free).

> > and using it as a proxy as well (or
> > the proxy could run on the cracker itself, wouldn't matter much).
> It must have a modem, then? Or any other Internet connection... Are many ready to that?

What's wrong with the one you're surfing from now? Let that machine be a
proxy and have the crackers grab blocks off that... All at the price of
another network card...
Your PC could even replace the dedicated server - there's no problem in
having linux mount it's drives from a NT/w9x and similar servers.

> Maybe *you* can have a better cracker for cheaper, but only because you have already some
> specific hardware/software.

No matter how you do this, you'll need a modem. You'll need a frontend to
handle all communications. The frontend should probably be dedicated to
this, as crashing is not acceptable when a three figure investment on
cracking hardware is dependant on it.

However you turn it, most of what i'll need to run mine, you'll need too.


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