[HARDWARE] my $0.02 re: dedicated crack boxes

Paul Everett repton at repton.org
Sun Sep 19 10:24:21 EDT 1999

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Robert Norton wrote:

> Paul Everett wrote:
> > <snip>
> > then at (say) 500mhz, that would be about 2.75Mkeys/second, which works
> > out to $73 per MKey/sec. Even without overclocking you have $91/MKey/sec.
> $100 box with 25MHz FPGA fully unrolled would yield 25MKey/sec = $4 per MKey/sec.
> Also, (unrelated,) love the name "Cracker Box"!

This is the lowest figure I've ever seen quoted. I seem to remember people
talking about $100/MKey/sec on here only a few days ago.

You've still got the problem, as pointed out by one of our friends at
distributed.net on this list, of integrating the FPGA with the
distributed.net network.

However, if you can actually manage to get 25MKey/sec for $100, and get
some kind of client written, then I'll certainly be buying one or two.

Good Luck,

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