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taniwha taniwha at taniwha.com
Mon Sep 20 06:02:31 EDT 1999

Sep 1999, you wrote:
> More great info, thanks!  I think the prototyping would have to be done as a short run at a surface
> mount house.  

You certainly could have protos hand soldered - I know I could have 
(very carefully) built mine -  I have access to the right tools - but 
it's not suitable for a kit - and a socket's gonna cost more
than the chip

BTW I think that this is sad because it means that the days of the garage
startup are fading fast - I bought my house based on a downpayment earned
something I originally wirewrapped in my basement - these days that's
so much harder to do

> FPGA design would have to be validated in simulation, wouldn't it?  Would it be too big
> to simulate?  

nope - this is a must these days and many of the tools will do this for
you, harder
will be finding test vectors .... you gotta get at least one of those false
keys that dnet has probably already discovered to check out your logic, the
last thing
you want to do is to miss the key and have all of dnet have to start from

> Maybe money for development could be raised by pre-selling some boxes once a reasonably
> accurate price is known.  

be very carefull - this is a great way to get into a lot of trouble - make 
sure you absolutely can pull this off before you take any money - you need
to know how fast it's going to go and you have to get dnet to buy in to
letting you hook up to the client (from what I've heard they are
paranoid about clients - because they've had a few people hacking them to
get fake keyrates - and for the reason mentioned above)

(the low end xylinx software was ~$100 last time I looked - you can get 
your design in there  and know how fast it's going to run before you ever 
build anything)

	Paul Campbell aka Taniwha
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