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Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Mon Sep 20 14:29:57 EDT 1999

On Mon, Sep 20, 1999 at 12:50:09PM -0400, Eno Jon wrote:
> Motherboards in a rack?   this pops up the query of a Beowulf
> or WIndowsNT cluster running multiple instances of RC5 clients
> sharing one or more buffer files (via a local proxy server?)
> Something I've noticed with my "experimental" shared multiprocessors
> (running two compatible versions of client under different os-es--albeit
> one is i/o master)
> is the file sharing oft means that one processor reads 2*2^28 block
> while the other has begun processing an 8*2^28 block--partial blocks
> either in the buffer itself or a result of the restart mechanisms?
> The 2*2^28 block is then completed and the co-proc then reads
> either a full or partial block.
> I'm not sure what is occuring, anyone have a clue?

Yes, you're simply getting some smaller block sizes from the proxies. The
proxies simply hand out blocks off the 'top of the pile' so to speak, without
attempting to match the requested block size. The only way that the proxies
deal with the requested block size is that they will not hand out blocks that
are any larger than the requested size.

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