[HARDWARE] my $0.02 re: dedicated crack boxes

Robert Norton rjn at execpc.com
Mon Sep 20 19:31:36 EDT 1999

ENOJON at delphi.com wrote:

> <snip>
> since the card would be presumably a PCI co-processor, wouldn't the interface
> to distributed.net be via the main processor's net connection--vaia SMTP or
> direct connection?  But, you'd still need to know file format of d-net's
> buffers.

I hope the box is serial RS-232, or USB, or even printer port.  Those implementations are going to be much
cheaper to make than a full PCI card, I am sure.  USB has the power needed in the cable, unlike the other two
choices, but a battery eliminator power brick is only about $2, so it is not a huge deal.  If we can steal the
bulk of the existing D-nets client code, it will be easy to rip out the inner loop for a block, and put in the
I/O to the external box.  (Or even just tell them the I/O format of the cracker and let them mod the client, I
feel sure it will be easy.)

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