[HARDWARE] Just Courious......

Jesper Monsted jesper at monsted.com
Tue Sep 21 01:00:00 EDT 1999

> You might want to look into PicoBSD... then entire OS fits on a floppy.
> Might even have room for a client. If you get something pieced together,
> *please* let us know; we'd love to be able to put a complete client
> setup on a single floppy!

And how exactly is that different from what linux can do? :)

I built custom bootdisks for strange purposes - it wouldn't be _too_ hard
to figure out some way to make a single-floppy client, as long as you know
what hardware to expect (especially the NICs). If the client won't fit on
the floppy, i'm sure a ftp- or http-file-grabber-thingie will...


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