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Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Tue Sep 21 15:23:16 EDT 1999

Well, the difference would be that there is no supported single floppy Linux
distro that I know of. I've never played with it, but my impression is that
PicoBSD will run on basically anything that FreeBSD will, and someone's already
done much of the legwork in putting the distribution together.


On Tue, Sep 21, 1999 at 12:00:00AM +0200, Jesper Monsted wrote:
> > You might want to look into PicoBSD... then entire OS fits on a floppy.
> > Might even have room for a client. If you get something pieced together,
> > *please* let us know; we'd love to be able to put a complete client
> > setup on a single floppy!
> And how exactly is that different from what linux can do? :)
> I built custom bootdisks for strange purposes - it wouldn't be _too_ hard
> to figure out some way to make a single-floppy client, as long as you know
> what hardware to expect (especially the NICs). If the client won't fit on
> the floppy, i'm sure a ftp- or http-file-grabber-thingie will...
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