[HARDWARE] Just Courious......

Denie Andriessen D.Andriessen at pink.nl
Wed Sep 22 02:47:13 EDT 1999

Hi there..

A 'full' IP enabled OS on a slingle disk sounds really nice... There has
been talk about those
for a couple of days now..

Maybe it's time to 'put your balls on the table'  :)
in other words, give us an URL where a complete 'single floppy OS' can be
as a disk image for e.g. dd or rawrite....



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>> Well, the difference would be that there is no supported single floppy
>> distro that I know of. I've never played with it, but my impression is
>> PicoBSD will run on basically anything that FreeBSD will, and someone's
>> done much of the legwork in putting the distribution together.
>There are several one-floppy-distributions of linux too - but none of them
>are really very useful as they are too large to fit both them and an
>rc5des client onto the same floppy. Also, the rc5des floppy would not need
>a lot of the support that is present on these floppies (harddrives etc.
>are not needed). The only way, FreeBSD or Linux, is to make it from
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