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Hunter S. Olywa1 at prodigy.net
Wed Sep 22 01:34:04 EDT 1999

You said (on Tue, 21 Sep 1999 19:13:21 -0700 (PDT)) -
> Oh, another thing. I am also looking at the socket 370 variety. I have
> noticed in price listings a distinction made between, say "400MMX PPGA"
> (which means socket, right?) and "400MMX 128KB". So does that mean that
> some celerons have the L1 cache and some don't? I've read that the 128KB
> of L1 cache can go a long way toward making up the difference between the
> celeron and the PII with its larger L2 cache. So, if possible I'd like to
> get a celeron with the cache.

> I appreciate any help given!
> Thanks,
> Rick Bruch

Since your other questions have already been addressed, I'll talk on only the
last one.

The Celeron (since the 300a anyway) has had 128kb of FULL SPEED L2 cache. This
is opposed to the P2 and P3's 512kb of HALF SPEED L2 cache.

This means that in applications where only a small amount of data (less than
128kb) needs to be stored in teh L2 cache, the Celeron can actually be
significantly FASTER than a Pentium II or Pentium III (unless of course, that
application makes use of the Pentium IIIs SSE). This certainly makes teh
Celeron a lot more attractive, doesn't it?:) The downside is taht if a program
has to write MORE than 128kb to L2 cache, the PII or PIII tends to be faster,
in some cases (such as photoshop) MUCH faster.

Well, hope this helps too
Hunter S.

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