[HARDWARE] Overclocking CPUs

Mahmut Kursun mahmut.kursun at uumail.de
Thu Sep 23 00:06:01 EDT 1999

> if you are running a long term project such as cracking RC5, then
> the decreased lifetime of an over clocked CPU will not pay off the
> 5-10% increase in performance.

I´m overclocking Intel CPUs for almost 10 years now, in the range
of 15-70% and had no problems so far. What I use actually is
thermal compound and tight sitting heat sink and I try to setup
the ISA/PCI cards that way that they are not sitting close to
another and the same goes for HDs.

A non-overclocked PC could be more stressed than
an overclocked one, in certain situations.

And it is also more or less worthless thinking of overclocking
if you can buy a Celeron Mainboard + CPU for 100US$ today.
If you want RC5 power, just get a couple of these, celerons
for 500US$ can do the same keypower of very expensive
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