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Gearry R. Judkins gearry at gwi.net
Wed Sep 22 23:00:00 EDT 1999

I would be skeptical about using FreeDOS for anything other than just
testing it out.  I tested it with a few applications and the results were
unpredictable.  I am not sure if there has been any testing with the client
and FreeDOS but I would at least wait until they are out of the beta stage
to do any serious cracking with the DOS client on a FreeDOS system.
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> A bare minimum crunching system can be just a motherboard with cpu,
> min RAM 8 or 16meg.  We can go cheap a get a motherboard with intergrated
> A cheap ethernet card, or just use serial or parallel connection to
> machine.  A cheap case/power supply can be found for about $20.
> The OS can be Linux, via NetBoot or Floppy Boot, or simply run
> MSDOS 6.22 and MSClient, or Interlink if not using a Ethernet card.
> I wonder if FreeDos would also work with MSClient?
> Chi
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