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mRgOBLIN goblin at scooter.co.nz
Fri Sep 24 20:56:29 EDT 1999

Drew Lanclos wrote:

> I was almost positive about this myself, but I'm asking for a
> friend...Socket 7 procs aren't pin-compatible (Regardless of chipset
> support, mind ye) with Socket 370, right? He wasn't sure...I figured there
> was a voltage issue, as well as a difference in pinouts...
> Anyone wanna confirm this for me?

You are correct Socket 370 is not compatible with Socket 370 because the pin
configuration is different
That is ... IT WON"T FIT :)

> Rick -- > You mentioned a quantity of ONE Celeron...that implies you were
> thinking about getting a dual-Celery rig going? Just curious...if that were
> the case, you'd probably wanna stick with a dual-Slot 1 board and use
> slocket adapters...better for the heat, and easily adaptable for dual-slot
> operation.

Well From my own personal experience ......
I think you are better off using a Socket 370 Board with a Socket 370 CPU when
I have come to my own conclusions and also read several articles regarding this
and I believe there may be some signal loss when using a S370 -->>>Slot one
 With a board such as the ABIT BP6 there seems to be plenty of room for the
Cooling fans and heat does not seem too much of an issue.
Here is one such interesting article.


> Also...I read that Via's planning on producing Cyrix's Cayenne processors,
> code-named Joshua on the (My goodness...) Socket 570...Dear god...these
> processors are gonna start getting HUGE...pretty soon we'll be going back to
> the old backplane design, except the EXPANSION slots, I/O, northbridge and
> southbridge controllers, you name it...will be on the riser card, and the
> MOBO will be just this REALLY big 13000 pin socket...Aiyeeee!!!
> Cutriss


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