[HARDWARE] Dual Processors

Eno Jon enojon at delphi.com
Sun Sep 26 01:57:15 EDT 1999

Well, hopefully, I can give some "sober" advice on this one..

(I'm assuming that you're on x86 platform), but this advice
could apply to the RISC platforms supported by the listed OS-es.

BeOS - supports MP
OS/2 Warp SMP supports MP-- (you have to ask for it)
WinNT of course -- both v4.0 WKS and SRV and 2k Adv, Adv Serv, & Enterprise
        [also, if you get the v4.0 CD dist you still get all RISC and x86
binaries, but
         unless you can set your OF boot variables to load setup from CDROM,
         you might have difficulty loading--also no "patches" from Microsoft (is
         good or bad?) for the non-Alpha RISC versions (ie PowerPC & MIPS)]
Most versions of Unix -- FreeBSD, NetBSD, 386BSD, Linux, QNX, etc.

Pounceagn at aol.com wrote:

> I'm getting paid on the 1st of Oct and intended on starting to build my new
> sys..I have an 8.4 gig Hdd that is about 2 months old and will work but i was
> concerned about CPUs..Lately i've been very interested in Dual processing and
> was wondering how i would set that up..Meaning which motherboards and if NT
> or unix were the only O/S' that supported it.. :) ohh and Don't Flame me for
> my Ignorance..Orwell said Ignorance is Bliss <(")> Vice_Pope
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