taniwha taniwha at taniwha.com
Wed Sep 29 02:30:10 EDT 1999

>Nuno Alves wrote:
>> check this page http://www.industrologic.com/sbcdesc.htm
>> maybe anyone can develop some software to run on this board.
>I'm afraid you would need over 100 of these boards to equal a Pentium, and not a
>very good one.  The 8051 is an 8 bit chip, very horrible architecture.  But it is
>"venerable" as they say. :->

probably way more than 100 :-) Actually I run an 8051 open 
source hardware project (computers for rockets) and I've 
always described my 8051 (with 32k sram/32k rom) as basicly being
an Apple II (roughly same memory, clockrate, cpu performance).
They use them in toasters a lot ... and NASA's dropping a few
on Mars real-soon-now .... so they do have some life left in them.

	Paul Campbell aka Taniwha
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