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Sun Jan 9 00:14:12 EST 2000

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oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov writes:

<< If you are going to coordinate the keyspace you need to be sure that all
 groups are counting the same way. In RC5-56 there were at least 3
 independent groups and each one was counting in a way that was incompatible
 with sharing keyspace with the other groups. Because of the different
 optimizations in bitslice DES depending on the counting order
 distributed.net almost became incompatible with itself in one round.
 -- Dan Oetting <oetting at ghtmail.cr.usgs.gov>
Thank you Dan for showing that Distributed.net is not for one keeping us in 
the dark or trying to pull any sneaky tricks from a barrel..or something..

I find it sad that people automaticaly assumed the worst even AFTER we 
recieved an e-mail from Plans at distributed.net explaining the situation..Does 
it matter that the stats show over a 100%?  If you're concerned about your 
stats please make note that you recieve credit for already completed 
blocks..IF they hadn't WE would have gotten upset because the blocks we 
processed would not have counted but the percentage would be correct...After 
the great work in the DES contest i think people should have realized that 
everything would work out..I personaly wish to help raise the encryption 
standards..Of course you could always search for aliens at Seti at home...I mean 
easy to see your data building something Fast there.. Vice_Pope
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