[HARDWARE] Dedicated hardware for SETI@home

Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Tue Jul 25 12:12:35 EDT 2000

'lo everyone,

À (At) 1:57 -0500 25/07/2000, Jim C. Nasby écrivait (wrote) :
>So someone pony up the $$$ and find out. :P Be sure to let us know how well
>it works :P
>BTW, what do those things cost anyway? :)


Single processor board, equipped with one CPU : US$89

Multi-processor board with one CPU installed : US$129
Additionnal Processor (up to 6 on a MP board) : US$65

A 6 CPU board would be: US$129 + 5(US$65) = US$454

Anyway this board doing mostly FFT calculations I'm pretty sure it 
would be bad at RC5, for OGR on the other hand, it could be a 
monster, who knows...

CuL8er in the dumpster.

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