[HARDWARE] Mac Questions -

George mogil_jan at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 11 11:00:54 EST 2002

1. can I pause / stop the program to  change monitors (do I really need
2. "      "        "         "        "         "   change the mob, add
Ram, etc?
3. how often does the Cruncher dial-out? I have 170 days to go on an LC
III+, 12 MB of Ram.
4. does  a Ram disk speed things up?
5. any advice welcome - what about power failures?

PS: there is/was an encryption method based on using pages of a book -
of course, 3 copies of one particular book existed at the time! Last I
heard, books were being fed into a machine is a bid to crack messages
encrypted that way.

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